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Client Work


Ven Morgan are an established interior design company offering a complete project management service covering the full construction elements of a renovation. They were looking for marketing support to build on their existing activity to generate new business leads and grow the client base. 


In response to Ven Morgan's brief of generating new leads for the business, we developed a highly targeted and personalised direct mail piece to showcase their services, incredible design skills and unique approach.


Using images from their own portfolio, we created four separate A5 postcards printed in matte on high quality stock, all sent in a personalised high end professional envelope to give the feel of exclusivity.


The recipients were selected based on a range of parameters that matched Ven Morgan's target audience. 

VM DM for print 5-6-06.jpg
VM DM for print 7-8-06-08.jpg
VM DM for print 3-4-01-04.jpg
VM DM for print 1-2-02.jpg
VM DM for print 1-2-01.jpg
VM DM for print 5-6-05.jpg
VM DM for print 3-4-01-03.jpg
VM DM for print 7-8-06-07.jpg

To add value to Ven Morgan's website and improve engagement, North Star developed a set of blogs giving advice and guidance on the home design process. 

VM Blog _Page_1.jpg
VM Blog _Page_3.jpg
VM Blog _Page_2.jpg
VM Blog 2_Page_1.jpg
VM Blog 2_Page_2.jpg
VM Blog 2_Page_3.jpg


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